I’m here to talk to you about some common health problems of cats which includes broken bones and some skin conditions.

Occasionally you are going to come across a cat that has an emergency that needs to be taken care of right away.   Some of these common problems can include any number of broken bones.  These broken bones are likely going to be caused from a pretty serious trauma like being hit by a car.  Another very common problem you will see in cats is skin injuries.  These skin injuries include lacerations and puncture wounds which are often caused from cat fights or even running from wild animals.  Sometimes cats can be bitten by snakes, even rattle snakes depending on where you live, these wounds often bleed and don’t necessarily look like snake bites so it is important to bring your cat in to a vet’s office if there is any unexplained bleeding.

Broken bones and skin injuries are the biggest serious problems with cats most of the time.  It is important you handle your cat with care when you are bringing them to the vet as moving them in the wrong way could injure them even more.  Never try to mend a broken cat bone at home you will likely make the problem much worse.  The best things you can do if they have either of these problems is put them in a cat carrier and bring them to the vet.  You should place a towel in the bottom of one of the carriers to make the cat more comfortable.

So if your cat has a truly critical problem arise unless you are trained, the best thing you can do is quickly bring them to the vet.  Handle your cat carefully when it is in pain and if he or she is bleeding excessively apply a cloth to try to stop the bleeding, don’t apply excessive pressure though.

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