Have you ever been bitten by your cat?  Don’t you just find it weird if one time you are just playing with your cat and suddenly you have a bleeding hand?  Well, cats bite for many different reasons but one thing is for certain – they do it simply because it is in their nature.

But why do cats bite?  Generally, cats bite for 3 different reasons – why they are afraid, stressed or annoyed.

Just like any animal, cats bite when they are afraid because they feel threatened.  They feel like they are in danger and that they have to protect themselves.  That is only natural.  Cats also bite when they are stressed.  Think of it as their way of letting off some steam.  Last, cats bite when they are annoyed.  It is their way to make you leave them alone.  Unlike dogs that constantly like attention from their owners, cats tend to be more private.  They do want to be left alone every now and then.

So how do you know if a cat is ready to play or if it is best to leave him or her alone?  Well, when you see that your cat’s tail is flicking, if he or she is slightly crouched while staring you down, that is the red flag and a sign that he or she may bite you so it is best to leave your cat alone at that particular time.

Cats are really complicated creatures and so it is best for cat owners to really try to understand what is happening in the head of their pets.  That is one way for them to really bond with the pet and also keep safe from hurting themselves from potential bites and scratches.  Knowing why cats bite is the very first step.

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