Like most people I am sure you want to find and adopt the perfect cat for you.  There are quite a few things you should consider before you go to adopt your cat to ensure the best results.  In this article we will cover what to consider before adopting a cat, it will also give you an outline of these things to help you make the best decision.

First of all you should consider the reasons you are adopting a cat in the first place.  Are you looking for a playmate, a companion, a pet for the children, or even just someone to sleep around on the couch?  Also how much time do you have to devote to your pet?  Do you spend a lot of time at home or do you work a lot?  Remember certain cats need more attention than others, especially if they are kittens you will need to spend more time with them to train them, or if they are older cats who need extra TLC.  These types of cats do well with people who are home more often.  If you have very small children at home a cat that is skittish or nervous likely wouldn’t be the best choice, but a cat that is very bold and playful would have a great time with these younger kids.  Make sure to take into consideration your other pets if you have any.  They may be lacking social skills necessary to accommodate a new pet.

Another thing to consider before getting a cat is the financial costs of cats.  Usually a new cat will cost close to $1000 in the first year of ownership and this is the bare minimum.  Also you should decide whether you are going to have an indoor cat or allow it to go in and out.  It is highly recommended that cats are kept indoors because the outside world has a very large number of dangers for the typical cat.  If you keep your cat indoors it is important to make its indoor environment an engaging and healthy place for it to live.  Keeping all of this in mind it may be a good idea to foster a cat on a temporary basis to see if it is right for you.  You should also decide if you want a long haired cat or a shot haired cat.  You also should decide if you want a pure bred cat or not.  If you do want a purebred you should research the breed so you know any common complications with that breed before hand.

All of these things should be considered before adopting a cat, it will ensure you the cat fits your home, and that the cat is happy.

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