Why do cats poop when their owners are arguing is the question that we will try to explain in this article and video. Have you ever experienced seeing your cat poop just when you are arguing with someone in the household?  Now you may think that your pet is not bothered when something wrong in the house but you are wrong.  They are not as dense as a lot of people think.  When people are happy, cats know.  When there is a problem, they are aware of it as well.  Their pooping whenever there is an argument attests to that fact.

So why do cats tend to poop when their owners are arguing?  Well, think of it as their way of releasing the stress that they are feeling.  You see, humans may hate the smell of cat poop but cats (for as long as the scent is theirs) love it.  in fact, they find it comforting whenever they smell themselves.  Now cats tend to tense up whenever there is an argument in the household.  When they poop, that means that they need comfort and so they find comfort in their own scent.

What some owners do not realize is that whenever this happens, it is a bad idea to scold the cat.  Telling them that they are wrong by tapping their nose is not the right way to go about it.  In fact, it will only make things worse because the cat will only feel more threatened and stressed.  Hence, it is best to just ignore it.  The key to stop the cat from pooping when you guys argue at home is actually more of avoiding arguments in the first place.  Not only is that good for your cat but it is good for your relationship as well.

Animals such as cats have feelings too.  That is something that pet owners must understand.

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