house soilingOne of the main reasons that relationships between cats and humans break down is that horrible term “house soiling!” Once a cat stops using the litter box, or if they never get started using it well, it’s almost impossible to stand. It leads to a lot of cats being sent to the pound that with a little work, could be long time loving pet companions. It’s not always easy, but there are ways to keep cats from soiling in the house. Here’s three of the best ways.

First, make sure the litter box is ALWAYS as clean as possible. No cat wants to use a dirty litter box. Most will, though, up to a point. Then they seem to just think “enough is enough” and to make their point, they find another place to do their business. It’s a subtle way of talking to humans and asking them to do the cleaning job cats just can’t do. Secondly, make sure the litter box is in a quiet and secluded location. Cats are private. They aren’t like dogs, who happily use the street or lawns in the open for their bathroom needs. Cats like to be alone and unobserved using the litter box. It can’t be in an open location. Thirdly, once a cat has an accident, make very, very sure that area is extremely well cleaned up, and deodorized. If possible, physically prevent them from returning to the same area, by putting furniture or some other obstacle there. Cats tend to return to the site of the crime, and use the same non-litter-box area over and over, especially if there is any odor left, even one we can’t detect.

Of course, it’s also important to have your cats fixed. Male cats especially like to mark their territory, and will do this in ways people might not like! A fixed cat is usually a healthy cat, too, and less likely to have litter issues. If all else fails, consult your vet to see if your cat needs medical care. Hopefully, this hints will help you have many years of happy cat ownership.

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