Today we will be going over how to potty train your cat.  This is article will explain why it is good for you, your cat, and it will save you a ton of money.

We all know it is great to have a cat use the litter box and not have to walk them outside constantly like you would if you had a dog.  However when guest’s come over, or even when just you are in the house the litter box often emits a rather nasty smell.  Cleaning up after your cat can be a very messy and very disgusting job, especially if some of the excrement falls onto the floor while you are trying to scoop it.

You may be wondering why a cat would want to use a toilet.  This is a perfectly valid question.  In the wild cats have to try to hide the odor of their waste from predators using the toilet will satisfy the cat’s need to hide this odor.  You may think that teaching your cat to use the toilet will cost you an arm and a leg, however it is relatively cheap when you compare it to the cost of litter over the cats lifespan which at $144 a month ads up to over $2000 dollars in its life.  This is much higher than one of the systems to train your cat to use the toilet.  I used the “Litter Quitter” system, but there are many other systems you can find online to teach your cat to use a toilet as well.

Once your “Litter Quitter” or similar system arrives it is time to get started.  During this process you can use biodegradable litter so you can flush it right down the toilet when you are done.  So the first thing you will want to do is place the “Litter Quitter on the toilet and put the litter in it, this is called the red stage.  This will train your cat to know where its new bathroom is.  You should help them find this place, as well as make it possible for the cat to walk up to the toilet and see into it.  You can do this by placing books next to the toilet.

Congratulate them when they use the new litter box in the toilet.  After a few weeks of success it is time to move on to the next stage, called the orange stage.  This stage includes taking out the middle portion of the litter box and spreading the litter around the outer layer.  They may need a few weeks for this portion and you may need to help them.  The point of this section is to train your cat to balance over the hole when it is going to the bathroom.  Once your cat masters this stage you finally move onto only the very outer portion of the toilet bowl containing the “Litter Quitter”, this is the green stage.

Only put a tiny amount of litter in the “Litter Quitter at this point.  Your cat may be intrigued by the big hole developing in the middle of the toilet, let them explore.  Finally remove the “Litter Quitter” completely and monitor your cat to make sure they are still using the toilet as a bathroom.

If they are, congratulations you learned hot to potty train your cat and give yourself a pad in the back!  You successfully trained your cat to use a human toilet, you can throw out your litter box and pooper scooper, and start saving money

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