Hi I’m here today to tell you a few signs you might start to see if your cat has liver problems.  Sometimes cats show no signs at all that they have liver problems though.  So you should take your cat in for regular exams to assess their cat health.  The veterinarians will be able to pick up on subtle cues that show the cat may be in danger from one problem or another.

Signs anyone can look for include the cats color changing to have a slight yellowish tint, even their eyes and coat may develop this yellowish tint.  Some cats don’t feel well if there liver has a problem and other cats will act dramatically sick, vomit, or even have bleeding disorders if there is a problem with their liver.  Also if your cat has trouble eating and is starting to look anorexic or if they are straining for long periods of time in the litter box having trouble passing hard dry stool they likely have some sort of liver problem.  Cats are very good at hiding their pain sometimes though which is why it is important to bring them in for checkups every once in a while as they vets will perform blood tests to determine if the cat is developing any serious problems that the cats behavior alone wouldn’t give away.

In conclusion liver disease in cats can be very subtle, there may actually be absolutely no outward signs that their liver is having problems.  But certainly if you see your cats health starting to deteriorate, or they are having trouble eating its food or having troubles in the litter box you should have your cat examined and ask the vet to check for signs of liver disease.

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