Have you ever tried removing the smell of cat pee on the window of your house or in the carpet?  Those who have experienced this knows that it is no walk in the park.  Cat pee smell really sticks and it takes a lot of hard work to finally get it off.  It does not really help that cat pee must be one of the strongest scents in the world.  So instead of finding ways to get rid of the cat pee smell, perhaps what you need to know is how to stop your cat from spraying indoors.  Well, look no more because here are some tips on how to go about it.

You see, cats pee indoors whenever they are feeling insecure of their territory and so they mark it the only way that they know how- they pee.  Haven’t you noticed the areas where your cat seems to spray?  In most homes, that is near a window or anywhere that a cat feels threatened.  So the trick is for you to determine where your cat sprays often.  That will be the place where the action will take place.


One way to make your cat feel more relaxed in that area is (believe it or not) by helping him or her spread the cat smell in the area.  Here’s a simple trick.  Get a damp cloth, rub it on your cat (this will get some of the smell) and then rub it on to the area where your cat usually pees.  That way, when your cat feels insecure there, he or she will feel no need to pee because their smell is already there, marking the territory.


Remember, there is no need to punish your cat for spraying.  After all, they are only doing what is natural to them.

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