jelouse catDo you ever wonder why cats seem to get jealous of other cats? Cats have a pecking order. Among any group of cats there will be a dominant “alpha” cat. The dominant cat gets first pick. The alpha cat gets to eat first, they get the best seat on the couch, and they get the best sleeping spot, and so on. The alpha cat’s life has many advantages over the other cats. And they don’t get to be the dominant cat unless they have an advantage to begin with. They are stronger or smarter or faster, than the other cats. This superiority affords them the dominant position in the group.

The other cats, there for, are beneath the dominant cat in many regards. They must yield to the alpha cat, and allow him first choice. This hierarchy, while it may provide a social order, often breeds jealousy and resentment in the group. The cats on the lower end of the pecking order experienced a diminished quality of life. They eat the less desirable food, and sleep in the less coveted spots. If they try to challenge the alpha cat they are quickly put in their place. While they may enjoy the peace that such an order brings to their social group they may covet the privileges of the alpha cat. They really want the super crunchy kibbles because they taste so much better , but are relinquished to the old stale food that ‘s been left out for days. These resentments can build and form profound jealousy amongst the lower members of the social hierarchy.

What is a cat to do? Unless they are strong enough to challenge the alpha cat and win, they will live out their lives in this lower class. Of course cats seem to get jealous of other cats. This is simply a function of the social pecking order.

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