Isn’t it just annoying when you already have a litter box for your cat but it seems to be never used?  If that is your dilemma, do not worry.  Many other cat owners seem to be struggling with the same thing.  Why can’t cats seem to just use their litter box?  Why do they have to pee and poop outside when there is clearly a designated place for it?

There are many reasons why cats eliminate waste outside the litter box.  For you to finally put an end to it, the challenge is to determine why they are behaving that way in the first place.

Perhaps the most overlooked reason why cats eliminate waste outside the litter box is when they have a medical condition.  Guess what, it is not just human beings that suffer from UTI or urinary tract infection.  Gets get that too.  The sad thing is that many cat owners just give up their cat to shelters without even exploring the possibility that perhaps their pet is sick and needs help.  So if your cat sprays too often, why not take time to bring him or her to a vet?  You can find out whether or not your cat has UTI easily enough.

Second, another thing that you have to consider why your cat is not using the litter box is the placement of the litter box in the first place.  If your cat hangs out a lot in the living room, maybe placing the litter box all the way down in the basement is not such a great idea.  After all, it is too far of a walk and so it offers nothing but inconvenience for your cat.

Third, maybe there is a “new arrival” in the household.  It may be a new baby, new family member or worse, another cat.  That will make your cat feel anxious and just eliminate anywhere.

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