This article aims to teach you how to treat flee allergies in your cat.  Flee allergies are very common, and your veterinarian may diagnose your cat with this.

The most common way to treat flee allergies in cats is actually to control the flees themselves.  This is usually done by the application of one of three monthly products. These are almost always available at the vet’s office and one is obtained by prescription, this one is called Revolution.  Two others are available over the counter but are only sold at veterinarians’ offices.  Again all three are monthly products; these products are Frontline and Advantage.  If you are controlling the flees on the cat by using one of these three products you still may want to control the flees in the rest of the house as well, because the monthly products work best in conjunction with other products that limit the cats exposure to flees in general.  The simplest way to get rid of flees in your house is by vacuuming.  Some people add a flee collar to the vacuum cleaner bag to help kill the flees once you pick them up.  It is also important to control flees on the other pets in your house as well this includes dogs and any other furry animal in your home.

In conclusion if your cat is allergic to flees you should treat your cat with one of the three monthly products from the vet as well as the environment you keep your cat in.  Usually a monthly application of one of the three products and vacuuming will be enough to keep the flees under control, out of your home, and off of your cat.  However if you have dogs or other furry animals you should talk to your vet about the best way to treat them as well.

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