Do you have a cat with a cold then read this: Many cat owners get their cats when they are actually quite sick.  Whether you just got your cat or have had it for years, it is possible your cat has a cold and it is important to treat your cats cold as soon as possible so it doesn’t develop into something worse.

There are a few symptoms of a cat with a cold.  These include coughing or sneezing, yellowish discharge from the eyes, there noes could get blocked up too.  One thing you can do if your cat does get that sick is mix up some saline solution with some moderately warm water and put this on a towel or cloth and wipe their eye clear.  Don’t use too much salt so you aren’t injuring the cat in anyway.  You can also use this solution to clear anything from the nose.  You want to be very loving when you do this so your cat feels loved and secure.  If your cat exhibits these behaviors bring them to the vet right away.  They will likely give you medicine to give them.

Although this will usually help them heal all by its self it is important to have a good environment for you cat to heal in.  You can start a humidifier, keep them in a small room, and keep them separate from any other cats.  If your cat gets really sick they may not want to eat.  You may need to force feed them because they really need the nutrients.  It is obviously better for the cat to eat on their own without you having to force feed them though.  Most cats love chicken baby food, so it is a great way to get your cat to eat if it won’t eat normal cat food.  It is also important to keep your cat hydrated.  Make sure there is ample water available at all times and you have hydrated food available for them.  Another thing you can do to properly hydrate your sick cat is give them subcutaneous fluids.  You should talk to your vet before trying this though.

Colds never feel very good for humans or cats.  If your cat has a cold bring them to the vet and do what you can to help them heal as quickly as possible.


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