Let us talk about newborn kitten care. The first question as always is did you get the kitten from an orphan situation. If the mother cat is present she will almost always care for the newborn kittens. Occasionally if the mother cat is sick you will have to intervene, as she is unable to properly care for the new baby cats. So always talk to your veterinary clinic before you do anything. They will give you fast and helpful advice, often giving you step by step instructions on how to keep the kittens safe, happy and healthy, as well as provide the right nutrients for the kittens.

Newborn kittens need the right kind of food every two to four hours usually. If this is an orphan situation you are going to have to do that for them. You are going to have to use some sort of milk or placer that you can bottle feed the kittens with every single day at least a few times a day. So they get proper nutrition. If you are feeding the kittens and taking care of them yourself you should also remember to keep them warm, keep them in a quiet place, and don’t over handle them because they like to sleep a lot. This sleep is designed to help brain activity and brain development, as well as digestion of the nutrients you have been giving them.

Basically talk to your regular clinic first, they will help you. Never jump in and try to do any of the feeding or caring however if the mother cat is still around and caring for them, she will do all of the work for you! Also they may be aggressive toward you if you are trying to mess with their newborn litter. If the mom cat is sick and you have to care for the newborns yourself good luck, and remember to talk to your local veterinarian.

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